As part of the Australian COVID-19 vaccination program, AusVaxSafety is actively monitoring the COVID-19 vaccines used in Australia in near-real time to ensure their ongoing safety.

To do this, AusVaxSafety uses surveillance tools SmartVax and Vaxtracker to distribute a short online survey via SMS or email to individuals, or where appropriate their parent or carer, who received their COVID-19 vaccine at a participating AusVaxSafety immunisation provider or vaccination hub across Australia. In Victoria, the AusVaxSafety surveillance surveys are distributed directly through VIC Health for all VIC Health vaccination hubs.

Active COVID-19 vaccine safety surveillance sites are selected to cover a variety of immunisation providers, immunisation settings and geographical locations to ensure AusVaxSafety has a representative sample across the country for safety surveillance. Because of limited funding, not all interested practices can be funded to provide active vaccine safety surveillance through AusVaxSafety.

If you or your child did not receive your COVID-19 vaccination at an immunisation provider participating in the AusVaxSafety program, you will not receive an SMS or email to participate in the safety survey. You can still report any adverse events following COVID-19 vaccination through the Therapeutic Goods Administration website.

If you are an immunisation provider who would like more information on the AusVaxSafety program or would like to be added to the AusVaxSafety participation waitlist, please email Please note that currently priority is being given to Aboriginal Medical Services and immunisation providers in regional and remote areas to ensure representation across Australia.

Below is a map of immunisation providers participating in the AusVaxSafety program.

Map current as at 26 October 2021.

Last updated November 2021