Data on this page show the responses of pregnant individuals who received an influenza vaccine and completed an AusVaxSafety survey sent in the days following vaccination.  Standard influenza vaccines currently in use include Afluria® Quad, Fluarix Tetra®, FluQuadri®, Flucelvax® Quad, Influvac® Tetra, and Vaxigrip Tetra®.These data provide you with a profile of what to expect in the days following your influenza vaccination and can assist when planning for your influenza vaccination.

A discrepancy in the coding of pregnancy status in one of our surveillance tools has been identified. Data this week (11 July 2022) has been amended and updated to reflect the true number of pregnant respondents (reduced number from previously). Importantly, this has not changed the adverse event profile reported in pregnant people following influenza vaccination, which remain similar to the general population receiving influenza vaccines.


AusVaxSafety's active vaccine safety surveillance system complements the TGA's enhanced safety surveillance activities.

Links to further information on the influenza vaccines are available below:

Last updated August 2022