Individuals are given three vaccinations at the 12 month National Immunisation Program Schedule point:

  • Priorix or M-M-R II protects against measles, mumps and rubella
  • Nimenrix protects against meningococcal disease (types A, C, W and Y)
  • Prevenar 13 protects against pneumococcal disease

AusVaxSafety has been conducting surveillance of the vaccines given at the 12 month Schedule point on a continuous basis since 2019. The analysis has remained constant over this time and not identified any safety concerns.

The latest medical attendance rate for the 12 month Schedule point is below and will be updated on a quarterly basis.


More detailed safety data from the 12 month Schedule point is available from the 2020 Vaccine Safety in Australia AusVaxSafety Summary Report below.

Click here to download AusVaxSafety data from the 12 month schedule point for 2020

Last updated December 2021