Thu, 04/09/2020 | News

AusVaxSafety commences routine monitoring of 2020 seasonal influenza vaccines

The AusVaxSafety active vaccine safety surveillance system has commenced routine monitoring of the safety of 2020 seasonal influenza vaccines in all ages as at 30 March. 

Vaccine safety results for the 2020 influenza vaccines will be available on the AusVaxSafety website from Thursday 9 April 2020 and updated weekly.

AusVaxSafety monitors the safety of vaccines in Australia. Using de-identified data reported directly from people receiving the vaccines (or their parent or carer), AusVaxSafety monitors adverse events following immunisation and facilitates early detection of potential vaccine safety issues.

AusVaxSafety has monitored the safety of influenza vaccines administered to Australians of all ages since 2017. Since then, over 477,000 individuals or their parent/carer have provided details about any adverse events experienced after influenza vaccination and no safety signals have been identified.

Visit the influenza vaccine safety data page here