Fri, 12/13/2019 | News

AusVaxSafety launches new-look safety data

We are excited to launch improved visualisation of active vaccine safety surveillance data on our website. View the new-look safety data here.

The visual display of safety surveillance data has been updated to improve readability and accessibility of data as well as to support the purpose of AusVaxSafety to optimise community and healthcare provider confidence in the safety of the National Immunisation Program (NIP) vaccines. This also aligns with the launch of the standalone AusVaxSafety website and rebrand completed earlier this year.

AusVaxSafety reports on de-identified data directly sourced from people receiving the vaccines, monitors adverse events following immunisation and facilitates early signal detection of potential vaccine safety issues. Currently, AusVaxSafety undertakes active vaccine safety surveillance for HPV, MenACWY, maternal pertussis and seasonal influenza vaccines. In 2020, AusVaxSafety active vaccine safety surveillance will expand to monitor the safety of all vaccines on the NIP.

The data for specific vaccines and age groups are updated weekly and can be viewed on the AusVaxSafety website.